Global Trends 2020

Wealth Redistribution

Fruit and vegetables more expensive due to the Coronavirus

Belgian statistics office, Statbel, claim that fruit, vegetables and meat are 10% more expensive now than a year ago due to the Coronavirus disrupting production and less price promotions in supermarkets.


Demand for Universal Basic Income rises during lockdown

The Coronavirus has brought economic inequality into the headlights. While some have been able to ride out the pandemic in comfort, others have had to continue ‘essential’ work or live in cramped conditions. As unemployment rises, so has the call for UBI.


Marcus Rashford renews his support for the school meal voucher scheme

Over a million children were claiming free school meals in England, before schools were closed due to the virus. In the North and Midlands, between a third and a quarter of children were claiming free meals.


Two thirds of Americans receive more in unemployment benefits than they earned before the Coronavirus

The pandemic has brought the flaws in America’s economic system into sharp relief. One dismal signal of this is that over two thirds of jobless workers receive more in unemployment benefits than they previously earned.


Transparent face mask launches on Kickstarter

A radical new clear polypropylene face mask has been fully backed on Kickstarter. It is light, see-through and self-attaches to the skin meaning no uncomfortable ear loops.


Fundraising “Quarantine Wine”

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are raising money for those who are in need as the effect of coronavirus by selling wine.


Richard Branson wants government loan to protect future of Virgin Atlantic

To protect his challenged airline, Richard Branson has asked the government to step in and intervene with a loan to see Virgin Atlantic through this challenging time. Other airlines, including EasyJet and Delta, have received state money – in the form of a loan for EasyJet and a grant for US-based Delta.


Food map showing where New Yorkers can get free food

A non-profit has redesigned the New York City “FoodHelp” map for Spanish families in New York. The map, which was developed for the COVID-19 crisis, shows all free food locations – such as kitchens, food banks, and school meal pick-up locations – across New York City in Spanish.


LEON giving NHS staff 50% discount

LEON is another fast-food chain to support NHS workers.  It has increased the discount that NHS staff members can secure on food, and started delivering to hospitals.


Supporting elderly and vulnerable customers

Many supermarkets in the UK are opening their doors earlier to help elderly and vulnerable customers during the coronavirus outbreak


Capitalism’s turning point

After a few decades of dominance, western liberal capitalism is now competing with authoritarian capitalism in China and Russia. The post-Cold War logic that ‘west is best’ has cracked. Inside western societies