Global Trends 2020

Trust in Medicine

Asian airline will begin charging customers who do not check-in online

Customers who fail to check-in online, and instead check-in at the airport counter, will now face a charge from AirAsia. The airline claim this will increase social distancing.


Airplanes consider how to accommodate passengers after COVID-19: empty seats, hygeine screens and reversing seats all options

Corona virus has meant that the interior of planes will need to be completely re-imagined when flights start to return to normality. The days of cramped rows in economy could be over, with some airlines suggesting flying with empty seats to separate passengers. Others are coming up with more inventive solutions, which range from introducing hygiene screens and include changing the seating formation.


Chile presses ahead with “Immunity Passports”

The Chilean government has proposed to implement an “immunity” passport/ID to identify those who have recovered from COVID-19. It is continuing with the plan despite concerns from the World Health Organisation that there is currently insufficient evidence to say that people are immune after they’ve recovered from the disease.


Emirates uses pre-flight blood testing to screen passengers for COVID-19

Pre-flight blood tests to screen for COVID-19 were introduced by Emirates, and will be used on select flights to check for the virus among passengers.


“The road to a Vaccine” by Johnson and Johnson

US healthcare firm Johnson and Johnson is publishing an eight episode educational video series highlighting the role of science in combating the covid-19 pandemic. The episodes feature interviews with scientist, researchers and healthcare workers involved in the effort and covers topics including the work required in vaccine development and the reasons different ethnic groups in the US are experiencing different health outcomes.


A traditional Chinese medicine treatment for covid-19 uses bear bile

The Chinese National Health Commission has promoted a treatment for covid-19 which includes bear bile in its ingredients. As the novel coronavirus is highly likely to have emerged from Chinese “wet markets”, where living wild animals are kept for food and medicine, its cause is being reinterpreted as its cure.


Locked-down Paris takes to balconies to applaud health workers

Residents of Paris, on lockdown to combat the coronavirus outbreak, stepped out on their balconies on Tuesday evening to applaud healthcare workers in a collective act of solidarity. They’ve been doing it every day since



Laid-off SAS staff are being offered fast-track training as healthcare workers

Airline staff to support the Swedish healthcare system. Laid-off SAS staff are being offered fast-track training as healthcare workers. SAS has laid off more than 10,000 staff due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation will fund fast-track healthcare training for those staff, so that they can support the Swedish healthcare system.


Choices over healthcare

While technology has been a core part of the giant leap in global life expectancy and standards of health, it has also facilitated misinformation and anxiety. There is an enduring sense that health should be assessed face-to-

The changing faces of healthcare

With rapid IT and bio-tech developments, healthcare is changing rapidly. We see a trend towards patients wanting and having more control over their own healthcare, and with it, the emergence of peer-to-peer