Global Trends 2020

Traditional Nationalism

A regional start for international travel

Australia and New Zealand – two countries with smaller covid-19 outbreaks – are considering re-opening their borders to each other first. Regional travel zones like this are being considered in other parts of the world, including the three west coast US states and ‘tourism corridors’ in the EU.


Politics returns as the lockdowns ease

In Spain, separatist politicians in Catalonia have begun to criticise the central government, arguing that an independent Catalonia would have had fewer deaths from Covid-19.


“Western States Pact” agreed as states consider the next stage in response to COVID-19

California, Oregon and Washington are reportedly considering a regional response to the relaxing stay-at-home orders introduced in March, aiming to restart normality and boost their economies.


Boris Johnson bans gatherings of more than two people

Boris Johnson has banned gatherings of more than two people, and asked Police to enforce this rule.
Some are breaking it – Police break up barbecue as people see coronavirus lockdown as excuse for a party.


Stocking up on guns

“One store owner told BuzzFeed News sales of tactical gear have increased 100% since the outbreak started.”


China suggest US Army was the original source of COVID-19

A new theory spread and shared widely on tightly controlled Chinese social media sites suggests that the US army introduced COVID-19 to Wuhan in late 2019.  This has led to even more tension between the two nations.


Conspiracy theorists vs. science

Conspiracy theorists have suggested that the origin of Coronavirus was a lab in Wuhan – scientific evidence strongly disagrees with this.


Reactions to uncertainty and inequality

Despite continuing improvements in health and quality of life worldwide, anxiety about the future pervades in many countries. Seventy-eight per cent of people agree we live in an increasingly dangerous world and 52%

Can governments ever tell a compelling story?

Some of the key clashes of values in global trends concern globalisation and the role of the state. While on average most citizens see globalisation as a benefit to