Global Trends 2020

Real-world Shopping

French customers can reserve their place at the till at Carrefour

Carrefour is now letting customers reserve a certain time slot at the checkout to reduce queues.


Supermarket opens with no physical shoppers

A supermarket in Auckland, New Zealand, has recently opened its first shop dedicated to online orders only. The store is designed to take pressure off other stores which remain open to the public and are also seeing a surge in online orders.


UK supermarket Morrisons is “feeding the nation”

Morrisons supermarket chain is changing its core purpose to try and provide reassurance to customers during the coronavirus pandemic and reflect the extent of the role it sees itself playing in “feeding the nation”. More delivery slots will be made available to customers both through and the Morrisons Store on Amazon Prime Now, with Morrisons using 100 extra stores to pick customers’ shopping over the coming weeks.


School rotating door entrance

Authenticity is king

Authenticity is the retail and brand trend for the 2020s. Mass retail will need to acknowledge, build and embrace experiential spaces which bridge the digital-physical divide and give customers experiences

Good for me and good for we

Consumers today recognise that we all have a role to play in creating a world we want to live in – brands cannot afford to ignore the implications of the discerning consumption value. In the 2020s more than ever,

Contradictory consumers: be careful what you promise

Consumers are fantastically contradictory creatures. Just look at the way they inform their purchase decisions. Two-thirds will try a product or service if it gets lots of good reviews, but almost as many (63%) worry that most online reviews