Global Trends 2020


Large-scale travel set to become a rarer commodity

Airlines who are making plans to start flying again, are creating new innovations such as “Grab & Go” food bags which are handed out to passengers before they get on the plane, and COVID-19 swab tests before checking in.


A regional start for international travel

Australia and New Zealand – two countries with smaller covid-19 outbreaks – are considering re-opening their borders to each other first. Regional travel zones like this are being considered in other parts of the world, including the three west coast US states and ‘tourism corridors’ in the EU.


“Western States Pact” agreed as states consider the next stage in response to COVID-19

California, Oregon and Washington are reportedly considering a regional response to the relaxing stay-at-home orders introduced in March, aiming to restart normality and boost their economies.


Air Asia offer a £100 unlimited annual flight pass

Budget Airline Air Asia X have attempted to shore up their fall in sales by offering an annual flight pass for less than the equivalent of £100. Passengers taking up the offer will be able to fly as many times as they want from South East Asia, India, China and Australia until March 2021.


Peak globalisation?

The world remains starkly divided on the net benefits of globalisation. The ‘digital nomads’ associated with the values in this trend see the increasing travel and cultural exchange of a high-tech global economy as positive –