Global Trends 2020

Populist Revolution

Despite the economic benefit, Britain has declined to join the EU scheme to revive tourism

Tourism supports around one in ten jobs in the UK, and brings millions of pounds into the country every year. However, the UK has declined to join a new EU-led scheme to revive the struggling tourism industry – citing Brexit. This was met with dismay by many. The UK is already expected to face the deepest recession in Europe and actions like this may make it worse.


Two thirds of Americans receive more in unemployment benefits than they earned before the Coronavirus

The pandemic has brought the flaws in America’s economic system into sharp relief. One dismal signal of this is that over two thirds of jobless workers receive more in unemployment benefits than they previously earned.


Reactions to uncertainty and inequality

Despite continuing improvements in health and quality of life worldwide, anxiety about the future pervades in many countries. Seventy-eight per cent of people agree we live in an increasingly dangerous world and 52%

Can governments ever tell a compelling story?

Some of the key clashes of values in global trends concern globalisation and the role of the state. While on average most citizens see globalisation as a benefit to