Global Trends 2020


In Britain, almost half are drinking more in lockdown

People are drinking more due to the stress and isolation caused by Coronavirus. Almost half (48%) report drinking more alcohol, and many cannabis users also report smoking for.


Sound map shows effect of lockdown in the world and urban environments

The Cities and Memories website has collected field recordings from around the world for the past five years and this week launched a new campaign to build a global crowd sourced sound map, which shows how our aural lives are shifting as lockdown affects the world and urban environments evolve.


Meditation app downloads surge under lockdown

For some, lockdown and quarantine measures have led to heightened levels of stress and anxiety. A novel way to respond is through meditation and wellbeing apps: for instance, the app Headspace is giving away free subscriptions to healthcare workers.


Search for simplicity and meaning

Simplicity is increasingly a luxury. The success of Marie Kondo’s ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying’ demonstrates the stress consumerist culture can create; Black Friday and January sales offer cheap dopamine

Alone in the dark noise

One of the biggest challenges we now face is the ‘loss’ of the future. Across Global Trends 2020, we see most countries expect the next generation to be poorer than they are. The 2017 Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Lonely, alienated and young

In a world that is more digitally connected than ever, nearly half of people globally feel lonely, and are struggling in ways that should concern us all. Many say they are overwhelmed by life’s choices, and they are