Global Trends 2020


Thai Airways open a pop-up serving airplane food

Thai Airways have launched a pop-up restaurant serving airline food to customers who (allegedly) miss in-flight meals.


Covid causes sales of home-baking ingredients and traditional breakfast foods to rise

Covid continues to disrupt diets, with sales of flour and traditional breakfast food (e.g. sausages) rising as people have more time on their hands. Ready meals are comparatively less popular, along with large joints of meat. Joints of beef and lamb may be seen as more appropriate for large indoor gatherings which aren’t always possible under current rules.


Britons are revisiting traditional recipes amid lockdown

Unable to leave their homes, Britons are retreating to family meal times – eating well and enjoying nostalgic family recipes. Adding a 21st-century twist, many are giving the recipes a vegetarian makeover.


UK jigsaw puzzle sales increase over 150%

UK jigsaw puzzle manufacturers reported a jump in sales due to Covid-19. Firms are reporting sales increases of over 150% since many people are looking to more traditional ways to pass the time under lockdown.


The enduring appeal of nostalgia

Ever since the economic crash of 2008, nostalgia has been a key trend for the established economies in the west. Half the planet wishes that their country was ‘the way it used to be’. However, those living in emerging