Global Trends 2020

Nomadic Aspirations

Budget airlines take a positive outlook on the pandemic

Wizz Air, a Hungarian budget airline, is planning to expand its fleet of planes as they believe they are likely to increase market share as more expensive rivals struggle.


Beyond bailouts, quarantine and empty hotels: what does coronavirus mean for travel?

As COVID-19 put a stop travelling and grounded planes, the travel and hospitality sector has been left wondering when – if at all – we will ever return to a world of cheap flights and global adventure.

Manhattan prepares for “Working from home”

Increases in working from home, and other changes to office working patterns, pose significant threats to established business districts. One of the world’s busiest, Manhattan in New York, is bracing itself for future disruption if this ‘new normal’ means businesses consider reducing office space or creating less central locations – taking money away from landlords and local shops


23 million domestic travellers as China eases lockdown

Domestic travel surged in the first public holiday in China since it started easing lockdown restrictions. The number of travellers increased by 50% compared with the previous public holiday at the start of April.


Large-scale travel set to become a rarer commodity

Airlines who are making plans to start flying again, are creating new innovations such as “Grab & Go” food bags which are handed out to passengers before they get on the plane, and COVID-19 swab tests before checking in.


The end of cheap air travel?

The International Air Transport Association has said that many airlines will need to increase their prices by 50% or face going bust if coronavirus physical distancing measures are introduced on flights.


Searches for holidays in Spain in January 2021 up by 2000%

Pent-up appetite for foreign holidays is visible online, with Conde Nast Traveller magazine noting that searches for holidays in 2021 have soared during lockdown.


AirBnB launches digital experiences

Firms in the “experience economy” are particularly hard-hit by social distancing measures around the world. The holiday rental platform AirBnB has launched a new digital experience service, which aims to transport you to another country for an authentic experience from the comfort of your own home.


Zoom introduces new virtual background feature

As more people are using video conferencing software due to having to work from home, Zoom have introduced a series of playful backgrounds they allow people to pretend they are anywhere else.


Air Asia offer a £100 unlimited annual flight pass

Budget Airline Air Asia X have attempted to shore up their fall in sales by offering an annual flight pass for less than the equivalent of £100. Passengers taking up the offer will be able to fly as many times as they want from South East Asia, India, China and Australia until March 2021.


Peak globalisation?

The world remains starkly divided on the net benefits of globalisation. The ‘digital nomads’ associated with the values in this trend see the increasing travel and cultural exchange of a high-tech global economy as positive –