Global Trends 2020

Left Behind

Boris Johnson bans gatherings of more than two people

Boris Johnson has banned gatherings of more than two people, and asked Police to enforce this rule.
Some are breaking it – Police break up barbecue as people see coronavirus lockdown as excuse for a party.


The enduring appeal of nostalgia

Ever since the economic crash of 2008, nostalgia has been a key trend for the established economies in the west. Half the planet wishes that their country was ‘the way it used to be’. However, those living in emerging

Can governments ever tell a compelling story?

Some of the key clashes of values in global trends concern globalisation and the role of the state. While on average most citizens see globalisation as a benefit to

Lonely, alienated and young

In a world that is more digitally connected than ever, nearly half of people globally feel lonely, and are struggling in ways that should concern us all. Many say they are overwhelmed by life’s choices, and they are