Global Trends 2020


Ramadan essential food box from Morrisons

After successfully launching their Meat & Vegetable essential food box, Morrisons are now launching their Ramadan essential food boxes.


Automated Virtual Assistant Launches to Provide Financial Advice During COVID

Morneau Shepell, provider of total well-being, mental health and digital mental health services in Canada, launched AvaFinance™ to provide personalised recommendations to navigate the financial challenges of COVID-19


Deliveroo Partners with Charity to Provide Seder Kits

Deliveroo and Jewish charity Chabad Lubavitch teamed up to provide “Seder-to-Go” kits in the UK and Ireland, allowing people who are isolating to still be able to celebrate Passover.


Boris Johnson bans gatherings of more than two people

Boris Johnson has banned gatherings of more than two people, and asked Police to enforce this rule.
Some are breaking it – Police break up barbecue as people see coronavirus lockdown as excuse for a party.


Movement call citizens to #StayTheFuckHome

#StayTheFuckHome campaign/movement to call citizens into action stating that resolving this is not only the governments’ burden.

Their website states “it is not only the government’s burden to bear. It is time for us, as citizens of this earth, to take action now and do our part in fighting COVID-19.”


Panic buying loo roll

People have begun panic buying toilet roll, amid fears of supermarket shortages. In the UK this risks damaging the sewer systems as customers who are left without turn to kitchen roll or baby wipes.


A divided world?

Overall, the world is becoming more socially liberal, but divisions across societies remain. In Ipsos Global Trends 2020, we trace four changing divides in personal values: individualism, support for democracy, attitudes to