Global Trends 2020

Health Self-reliance

The Future of Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people manage their health. It has challenged our medical systems and driven demand for new solutions. However, our data suggests these changes are not new but rather an acceleration of existing trends.

Lush launch handcare kits

Lush launch a new range of handcare boxes, including soaps, creams and a serum. This limited edition box may appeal to those experiencing dry hands as a result of increased washing.


Personal air sanitiser launches on Kickstarter

A ‘personal air sanitiser’ has raised over £50,000 on Kickstarter with the claim that it eliminates over 99.9% of microbes from the air.


Nasa develop a necklace that warns wearers not to touch their face

Post-Coronavirus, many people are consciously trying to touch their face less – but finding it hard to break an unconscious habit. NASA have developed a necklace that vibrates when wearers go to touch their face, nudging them away from the unhygienic behaviour



New traffic light wrist bands communicate level of social distancing

A company has launched ‘traffic light’ wrist bands in red, yellow and green to wordlessly communicate the level of social distancing the user is adhering.


Specially developed chocolate balls boost children’s immune systems to protect them from Covid-19

Avida Health launches tasty chocolate balls including bioactives like probiotics or beta-glucan which reportedly offers immune system benefits. They hope this functional food will be more appealing than vitamin tablets.



A soluble stamp encourages children to wash their hands properly

Encouraging children to wash their hands at all can be difficult – let alone for the recommended duration of time. A Japanese company have developed a fun stamp that can be printed onto children’s hands and washed off, offering a playful visual sign of when to stop.



A traditional Chinese medicine treatment for covid-19 uses bear bile

The Chinese National Health Commission has promoted a treatment for covid-19 which includes bear bile in its ingredients. As the novel coronavirus is highly likely to have emerged from Chinese “wet markets”, where living wild animals are kept for food and medicine, its cause is being reinterpreted as its cure.


Movement call citizens to #StayTheFuckHome

#StayTheFuckHome campaign/movement to call citizens into action stating that resolving this is not only the governments’ burden.

Their website states “it is not only the government’s burden to bear. It is time for us, as citizens of this earth, to take action now and do our part in fighting COVID-19.”


Influencers sharing unsound medical advice

Some influencers have been sharing advice around dealing with the coronavirus that is not medically sound – and if followed instead of legitimate medical advice, could do real damage.


Misinformation about how to fight COVID-19 ‘liked’ upwards of 100k times

Some people are taking comfort in sharing posts that advise people around surviving the virus – as well as mental health tips, and other helpful advice. However not all of the information shared is correct; this post which has been ‘liked’ upwards of 100k times tells people that drinking water will help fight the virus


Design firm launch a hotel-to-hospital concept

LEO A DALY have created a hotel-to-hospital concept, due to the decline in travel and increased pressure on hospitals. They claim both hotels and hospitals share core features, like built in food, cleaning and laundry systems, that mean the transition would be possible.


Choices over healthcare

While technology has been a core part of the giant leap in global life expectancy and standards of health, it has also facilitated misinformation and anxiety. There is an enduring sense that health should be assessed face-to-

The changing faces of healthcare

With rapid IT and bio-tech developments, healthcare is changing rapidly. We see a trend towards patients wanting and having more control over their own healthcare, and with it, the emergence of peer-to-peer