Global Trends 2020

Discerning Consumption

IKEA India promises 1/3 price cut through local sourcing

IKEA India is looking to boost sustainability and cut prices in India through using local wood, including bamboo and Sheesham (also known as Indian Rosewood), instead of importing wood from Europe.


Customers can now order Beyond Meat and Impossible burgers to their home

Beyond Meat and Impossible Burgers, who offer realistic fake meat products, are now delivering them straight to people’s homes through a new e-commerce system.


Unilever aims to invest €1bn in green projects

Unilever has announced that it will invest a billion euros in environmental projects, alongside targeting net-zero emissions from all products by 2040.


Beyond bailouts, quarantine and empty hotels: what does coronavirus mean for travel?

As COVID-19 put a stop travelling and grounded planes, the travel and hospitality sector has been left wondering when – if at all – we will ever return to a world of cheap flights and global adventure.

BA’s 12,000 redundancies opposed by petition calling for government to step in

BA’s decision to push through 12,000 redundancies at a time when the government’s furlough scheme is available to support workers impacted by COVID-19 and parent company IAG has secured a 1 billion Euro loan to save BA’s sister airlines, has angered the 120,000 signatories of a petition stating that BA’s behaviour is illegal and immoral


Specially developed chocolate balls boost children’s immune systems to protect them from Covid-19

Avida Health launches tasty chocolate balls including bioactives like probiotics or beta-glucan which reportedly offers immune system benefits. They hope this functional food will be more appealing than vitamin tablets.



Egg cups sell out as lockdown creates time for breakfasts at home

Prior to Coronavirus, many people would eat breakfast at work or on-the-go, but lockdown has changed this behaviour. Now millions are working from home, retailers like John Lewis have found egg-cups selling out as people find time for lengthier breakfasts at home.


Hotel and home cleaning brands combine

Hotel giants Hilton Marriott and Accor have launched new advertising campaigns centred on cleanliness and hygiene. Hilton has launched a partnership with disinfectant brand Lysol and the healthcare company Mayo Clinic aimed at creating and promoting a cleaner hotel environment.


Would a greener world protect us against pandemics?

Many scientists have predicted a pandemic for years, due to both our ultra-connected world, but also our eating habits. There is a connection between pandemic risk and factory farming; packing tens of thousands of genetically uniform animals into close quarters increases the risk of disease, which could jump species boundaries. Swine flu and bird flu evolved on chicken/pig factory farms. This has led some to argue that a recovery from the Coronavirus should entail more humane farming standards.


Emirates uses pre-flight blood testing to screen passengers for COVID-19

Pre-flight blood tests to screen for COVID-19 were introduced by Emirates, and will be used on select flights to check for the virus among passengers.


Shoppers buy more processed food

Heinz and the Campbell Soup Company have seen increased sales due to demand for store-cupboard staples with long shelf-lives. Not only has the Coronavirus caused food-insecurity, but processed food also holds a comfort factor and can evoke nostalgia.


Sainsbury’s brings back bicycle deliveries

Sainsbury’s has relaunched its one-hour bicycle delivery service in central London to support its existing team in serving customers in lockdown.


Look after plants whilst in lockdown

One of the silver linings of the pandemic has been a renewed interest in nature, gardening and the outdoors. However, many British garden centres suffered in lockdown as not all had an online presence. Upon hearing that the plants in these nurseries may die, Plantsavers was created. As the logistics of lockdown mean that customers aren’t able to choose exact plants, the website offers random selection boxes sourced from closed nurseries. The customer benefits in three ways: first, the boxes are better value than buying the plants individually, second they are able to support struggling businesses, and thirdly Plantsavers donates money from each sale to a NHS charity.


The RHS report a rise in people growing their own vegetables

Food insecurity and a desire to return to nature have sparked a rise in people growing their own herbs and vegetables.


School rotating door entrance

Authenticity is king

Authenticity is the retail and brand trend for the 2020s. Mass retail will need to acknowledge, build and embrace experiential spaces which bridge the digital-physical divide and give customers experiences

Everyone and no one: the question of environmental responsibility

The interplay between the measures needed to address the climate emergency and our personal values and actions – or lack of them – makes the implications

Climate change, food and sustainable behaviours

Climate change is putting pressure on brands to appear sustainable, but also creating massive opportunities for them.

Good for me and good for we

Consumers today recognise that we all have a role to play in creating a world we want to live in – brands cannot afford to ignore the implications of the discerning consumption value. In the 2020s more than ever,

Starting the electric car journey

As electric car ownership grows, manufacturers must not fall into the trap of applying the old rules to this nascent category. Electric car ownership will have its own shape and identity. Now is the

Wider vice, narrowing trust … where next?

One of the marked trends alongside globalisation has been the march of national regulation. Consumers have long accepted regulation in industries such as alcohol, tobacco and gambling, but they are fast becoming