Global Trends 2020

Data Anxiety

Contact Tracing fails in strip club as customers give fake information

Public health officials discovered that of 500 people, only 147 gave correct contact details for contact tracing following a Coronavirus outbreak at a Canadian strip club.


UK privacy activists raise fears over social distancing tracking

Privacy campaigners have spoken out over a UK government plan to track social distancing measures.  The plan entails mobile phone operators sharing anonymised data with the government to assess whether or not people are following advice to avoid pubs, bars and restaurants.


Data dilemmas

Global anxiety about the way companies use our personal data has risen by 8% since 2013. However, as we explored in ‘Trust: The Truth?’, even in the early 1990s, before the internet, the majority (66%)

The data paradox: authenticity will prevail

Ransomware attacks, data breaches and data misuse scandals are becoming progressively commonplace. Naturally, consumers are increasingly anxious about their privacy. At the same time business is shifting

Act like a shopkeeper, not a stalker

Today, data anxiety and online shopping co-exist slightly uncomfortably. Should this be of concern to retailers? If people are concerned about data sharing but still shopping online, can their concerns about privacy be

Starting the electric car journey

As electric car ownership grows, manufacturers must not fall into the trap of applying the old rules to this nascent category. Electric car ownership will have its own shape and identity. Now is the