Global Trends 2020

Conscious Eating

The pickling industry booms thanks to increased ‘prepping’

People are embracing traditional foods in America. Since lockdown, food anxieties, an uptick in gardening and additional free time have led to increases in pickling and canning vegetables.


Deliveroo Partners with Charity to Provide Seder Kits

Deliveroo and Jewish charity Chabad Lubavitch teamed up to provide “Seder-to-Go” kits in the UK and Ireland, allowing people who are isolating to still be able to celebrate Passover.


Dutch Design Studio Develops Model for Food Market During Social Distancing

Dutch studio Shift Architecture Urbanism has developed a model for a shared street food market where people can buy fresh produce without coming into contact with one another.


Napolina launches frozen pasta

Responding to consumer interest in stockpiling and long life foods, Italian firm Napolina has launched a range of frozen pastas to help people create meals within minutes and make cooking at home easier.


Vegan meat sales in the US rise by 280%

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the sales of plant-based meat have grown by a staggering 279.8% in the U.S. .

The NPR report compares sales with the same period last year and showed that sales of vegan meats soared by 206.4% and 279.8% for the weeks ending 7th and 14th March.


Salad aerial view

Conscientious health

As concern about the environment rises, or – more cynically – as marketers look for new ways to entice customers, the link between what is good for us and what is good for the planet has grown.

Climate change, food and sustainable behaviours

Climate change is putting pressure on brands to appear sustainable, but also creating massive opportunities for them.

The changing faces of healthcare

With rapid IT and bio-tech developments, healthcare is changing rapidly. We see a trend towards patients wanting and having more control over their own healthcare, and with it, the emergence of peer-to-peer