Global Trends 2020

Climate Emergency

Air pollution approaches pre-Covid levels

As people begin to return to old patterns of life and work,  air pollution also begins to climb. This may be bad for respiratory health.


IKEA India promises 1/3 price cut through local sourcing

IKEA India is looking to boost sustainability and cut prices in India through using local wood, including bamboo and Sheesham (also known as Indian Rosewood), instead of importing wood from Europe.


Customers can now order Beyond Meat and Impossible burgers to their home

Beyond Meat and Impossible Burgers, who offer realistic fake meat products, are now delivering them straight to people’s homes through a new e-commerce system.


In Britain, nearly half claim they intend to fly less

In a sign that a ‘green recovery’ from Coronavirus might be possible, nearly 50% of the UK claim they will fly less once lockdown restrictions ease.


Loop has arrived to the UK

Loop, the online shopping service, is partnering with Tesco and will sell all kinds of food/household essentials from leading and traditional brands (including Unilever and PepsiCO) but all in reusable packaging to reduce single use plastic.


Lawyers claim the UK has a legal duty to review air pollution

There is growing evidence of a connection between coronavirus and air pollution. In light of this, lawyers are pressuring the UK to review pollution targets and press for improvements.


Beyond bailouts, quarantine and empty hotels: what does coronavirus mean for travel?

As COVID-19 put a stop travelling and grounded planes, the travel and hospitality sector has been left wondering when – if at all – we will ever return to a world of cheap flights and global adventure.

Environmental airline bailouts

The French government has provided financial support to the national airline, Air France – but with green conditions. Receiving the money is contingent on the airline cutting its domestic flights where they compete with rail to help reduce their carbon footprint.


Warren Buffet drops airline stocks

The famous US investor Warren Buffet has sold his shares in America’s four largest airlines. Admitting a rare mistake, Buffet says that the reversal in fortunes for Delta, American, Southwest and United, brought about by Covid-19 is here for the long haul. Previously, his organisation held around ten per cent of shares in all four airlines.


Milan uses lockdown to plan more cycle routes

The Italian city of Milan is using the pause in traffic under lockdown to push forward ambitions plans to turn road space in the city over to cyclists and pedestrians. It joins other cities including New York and Paris in utilising low traffic levels to introduce significant car traffic reductions


Would a greener world protect us against pandemics?

Many scientists have predicted a pandemic for years, due to both our ultra-connected world, but also our eating habits. There is a connection between pandemic risk and factory farming; packing tens of thousands of genetically uniform animals into close quarters increases the risk of disease, which could jump species boundaries. Swine flu and bird flu evolved on chicken/pig factory farms. This has led some to argue that a recovery from the Coronavirus should entail more humane farming standards.


Businesses and charities call for a green recovery

As the UK government begins to lift lockdown, more than 60 businesses and charities have signed an open letter to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, calling on him to ensure that the recovery prioritises the environment as well as the economy.


COVID-19 prompts the creation of more bike lanes and footpaths in cities

Socially distanced public transport systems and the need for people to safely exercise has led some cities to temporarily create new bike and footpath spaces.


Sainsbury’s brings back bicycle deliveries

Sainsbury’s has relaunched its one-hour bicycle delivery service in central London to support its existing team in serving customers in lockdown.


Social Distancing could be beneficial for the planet

Reducing transport, both cars and flying, as a result of mitigating the spread of the virus, has already been demonstrating to be beneficial for the planet and the media has already started writing about it.


‘Boomers’ have been ignoring the effects of climate change

Memes around ‘Boomers’ ignoring the effects of climate change for years and only panicking about coronavirus because it is likely to affect them.


COVID-19 poses a long-term threat to climate change

COVID-19 poses a long-term threat to climate change, as the economic fallout may damage investment in green fuel alternatives.


Icebergs from aerial view

Climate antagonism

Heatwaves, forest fires and extreme weather; school strikes organised by Greta Thunberg; and news that the Arctic permafrost is thawing decades earlier than predicted. These are just some of the reasons that

Everyone and no one: the question of environmental responsibility

The interplay between the measures needed to address the climate emergency and our personal values and actions – or lack of them – makes the implications

Climate change, food and sustainable behaviours

Climate change is putting pressure on brands to appear sustainable, but also creating massive opportunities for them.

Starting the electric car journey

As electric car ownership grows, manufacturers must not fall into the trap of applying the old rules to this nascent category. Electric car ownership will have its own shape and identity. Now is the

Future of Mobility

Many of the macro forces acting on the planet are emboldening manufacturers and governments to accelerate developments for the future of mobility: rapid urbanisation driven by dynamic populations, our technological tipping point and the need to

Delta Airlines aims at become the first carbon neutral airline

Delta Airlines has announced a huge investment drive to become the first ‘carbon neutral airline’. $1 billion dollars is being committed to reducing and mitigating carbon emissions over the next 10 years.