Global Trends 2020

Brand Worship

General Mills call for appropriate response from brands

General Mills boosts marketing spending and pushes for appropriate messages during COVID-19. With U.S. shoppers scooping up on products during Covid-19 outbreak, General Mills declined to raise its sales forecast for its current fiscal year, knowing the situation can change rapidly.


U.K. Brewery making hand sanitizer

Amid the rising need for hand sanitizer, BrewDog decided to use its distillery to make Punk Sanitizer. On Twitter, James Watt, ‘captain’ at the brewer, clarified that the company will not be selling the sanitizer, just giving it out to those who need it.


School rotating door entrance

Authenticity is king

Authenticity is the retail and brand trend for the 2020s. Mass retail will need to acknowledge, build and embrace experiential spaces which bridge the digital-physical divide and give customers experiences

Good for me and good for we

Consumers today recognise that we all have a role to play in creating a world we want to live in – brands cannot afford to ignore the implications of the discerning consumption value. In the 2020s more than ever,