Global Trends 2020

Beyond Binary

Lockdown drives an increase in Shewee sales

Shewees (plastic contraptions used to help women urinate while standing up) have become more popular since lockdown began, with the company reporting a 700% increase in sales. This may be because of the widespread closure of public toilets and places like restaurants, pubs or coffee shops which often let people use their bathrooms.


Keeping the LGBTQ community connected amidst COVID-19 outbreak

Miami based Hotel Gaythering, described as the ‘gayest hotel in Miami Beach’, is helping the LGBTQ community remain connected amidst COVID-19 outbreak. The hotel is now live streaming its bingo, happy hour, drag queen karaoke, and trivia nights on its social channels each week.



A divided world?

Overall, the world is becoming more socially liberal, but divisions across societies remain. In Ipsos Global Trends 2020, we trace four changing divides in personal values: individualism, support for democracy, attitudes to

Are you talking to me…?

Gender roles and identity are becoming less rigid across the world, and at the same time our populations are ageing. The proportion of women in employment globally has dramatically increased over the last century,

Media’s missing middle

The world is full of geopolitical tension, but globally societies are moving in a liberal direction on LGBT rights, with seven in ten agreeing that gay men and lesbians should be free to live their own life