Global Trends 2020

Aspiring to Health

Google gives staff a Coronavirus holiday

Google have given their staff an extra day off to mitigate the stress caused by the Coronavirus and the difficulty of establishing a healthy work/life balance while working from home.


Nasa develop a necklace that warns wearers not to touch their face

Post-Coronavirus, many people are consciously trying to touch their face less – but finding it hard to break an unconscious habit. NASA have developed a necklace that vibrates when wearers go to touch their face, nudging them away from the unhygienic behaviour



Private plastic domes allow for socially distanced yoga

In Toronto, one fitness company have introduced plastic domes which allow people to practice yoga in a socially distanced way.


Specially developed chocolate balls boost children’s immune systems to protect them from Covid-19

Avida Health launches tasty chocolate balls including bioactives like probiotics or beta-glucan which reportedly offers immune system benefits. They hope this functional food will be more appealing than vitamin tablets.



Egg cups sell out as lockdown creates time for breakfasts at home

Prior to Coronavirus, many people would eat breakfast at work or on-the-go, but lockdown has changed this behaviour. Now millions are working from home, retailers like John Lewis have found egg-cups selling out as people find time for lengthier breakfasts at home.


AIDS Healthcare Foundation Providing Free Pizza to Patients

Realising that well being goes beyond the traditional notions of “healthy,” AHF has partnered with Domino’s to provide patients and clients with 1 free large pizza per week – no need to tip the driver.


Automated Virtual Assistant Launches to Provide Financial Advice During COVID

Morneau Shepell, provider of total well-being, mental health and digital mental health services in Canada, launched AvaFinance™ to provide personalised recommendations to navigate the financial challenges of COVID-19


A soluble stamp encourages children to wash their hands properly

Encouraging children to wash their hands at all can be difficult – let alone for the recommended duration of time. A Japanese company have developed a fun stamp that can be printed onto children’s hands and washed off, offering a playful visual sign of when to stop.



Shoppers buy more processed food

Heinz and the Campbell Soup Company have seen increased sales due to demand for store-cupboard staples with long shelf-lives. Not only has the Coronavirus caused food-insecurity, but processed food also holds a comfort factor and can evoke nostalgia.


Dutch Design Studio Develops Model for Food Market During Social Distancing

Dutch studio Shift Architecture Urbanism has developed a model for a shared street food market where people can buy fresh produce without coming into contact with one another.


Healthy Snacks whilst working from home

Snack company “Nature Box” has teamed up with corporate businesses in USA and Canada to set up snack home delivery to help engage companies with their remote teams and show support to their employees.


Fitness games running out of stock

Ring Fit Adventure, a popular fitness video game for Nintendo Switch, is selling out in stores and being sold for twice its recommended retail price – as people prepare for long stints at home.


Lush UK stores offer free soap to promote hand washing

Before the lockdown, UK beauty and skincare retailer Lush announced it would let people wash their hands in-store, even if they are not buying anything, in a bid to help contain the spread of the coronavirus.



Salad aerial view

Conscientious health

As concern about the environment rises, or – more cynically – as marketers look for new ways to entice customers, the link between what is good for us and what is good for the planet has grown.

The changing faces of healthcare

With rapid IT and bio-tech developments, healthcare is changing rapidly. We see a trend towards patients wanting and having more control over their own healthcare, and with it, the emergence of peer-to-peer