Ipsos Global Trends

1. The Crisis of the Elites

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The Crisis of the Elites

The rise of populism has become a global obsession in the last year, driven by the major upsets in Brexit and Donald Trump’s Presidential election victory, but with echoes in many other countries throughout the world.

Just how much do sustainability and brand purpose matter?

Corporate responsibility is now a minimum requirement for any respectable business. But how much does it really matter to people?

Principles of uncertainty – the public and environmental scientists

Scientists tend to enjoy high levels of public trust, but on the environment, the global public is finely split – 47% agree that “even the scientists don’t really know what they are talking about on environmental issues”, and 44% disagree.


There’s an accepted wisdom nowadays that trust in business is broken. But is it? And is the extent of the problem the same, around the world?