Global Trends 2020

Despite the economic benefit, Britain has declined to join the EU scheme to revive tourism

Tourism supports around one in ten jobs in the UK, and brings millions of pounds into the country every year. However, the UK has declined to join a new EU-led scheme to revive the struggling tourism industry – citing Brexit. This was met with dismay by many. The UK is already expected to face the deepest recession in Europe and actions like this may make it worse.


Nasa develop a necklace that warns wearers not to touch their face

Post-Coronavirus, many people are consciously trying to touch their face less – but finding it hard to break an unconscious habit. NASA have developed a necklace that vibrates when wearers go to touch their face, nudging them away from the unhygienic behaviour



Airplanes consider how to accommodate passengers after COVID-19: empty seats, hygeine screens and reversing seats all options

Corona virus has meant that the interior of planes will need to be completely re-imagined when flights start to return to normality. The days of cramped rows in economy could be over, with some airlines suggesting flying with empty seats to separate passengers. Others are coming up with more inventive solutions, which range from introducing hygiene screens and include changing the seating formation.