Global Trends 2020

A traditional Chinese medicine treatment for covid-19 uses bear bile

The Chinese National Health Commission has promoted a treatment for covid-19 which includes bear bile in its ingredients. As the novel coronavirus is highly likely to have emerged from Chinese “wet markets”, where living wild animals are kept for food and medicine, its cause is being reinterpreted as its cure.


New platforms for engagement and storytelling: will coronavirus accelerate the role of videogaming?

As we survey the world after the first part of COVID-19, we can see massive behavioural changes in an expansive range of areas.  Which changes will stick are not certain, but where they involve an acceleration of an existing trend we think it is more

Nasa develop a necklace that warns wearers not to touch their face

Post-Coronavirus, many people are consciously trying to touch their face less – but finding it hard to break an unconscious habit. NASA have developed a necklace that vibrates when wearers go to touch their face, nudging them away from the unhygienic behaviour