Global Trends 2020

Pokémon Go from home

Niantic have announced that they are putting their resources into developing features for Pokémon Go that are compatible with staying indoors. The company announced that, in the midst of the challenge that COVID-19 represents, they are “putting focus on expanding features and experiences in our games that can be enjoyed in an individual setting.”


Beyond bailouts, quarantine and empty hotels: what does coronavirus mean for travel?

As COVID-19 put a stop travelling and grounded planes, the travel and hospitality sector has been left wondering when – if at all – we will ever return to a world of cheap flights and global adventure.

Most UK offices stand empty

UK-based landlord Land Securities offered a glimpse of the impact of covid on office usage as it reported a £837m loss. Less than ten per cent of its office sites were in use and many of its tenants are now struggling to pay their rent.