Global Trends 2020

Young, healthy and happy?

Around the world, a majority of us say that the older we get, the more we worry about our health – a 14 percentage point increase since we last asked the question three years ago. Generation Xers, perhaps no longer feeling as fit and healthy as they once did, are the most likely to agree that they worry more about their health as they age.

But, there has also been a major shift in the youngest group (those aged 16-24), from 57% in 2014 to 68% now saying they worry more about their health as they get older.
This is in spite of two-thirds (66%) reporting that their current health is good. A sign of more health conscious attitudes globally?

Though they may be increasingly pessimistic about their own health, half of the under-44s globally think all diseases will eventually be curable, in line with gerontologist Aubrey de Grey’s prediction33 that the first person to live to 1,000 has already been born.Older people are somewhat more realistic.

Given that obesity now kills more people than starvation and technology continues to drive treatment improvements, our futures are literally in our hands.

Fiona O’Connor
Marketing & Communications Manager, Ipsos MORI | @IpsosMORI

The Future of Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people manage their health. It has challenged our medical systems and driven demand for new solutions. However, our data suggests these changes are not new but rather an acceleration of existing trends.