Global Trends 2020

Mobile payments taking off globally

Half the people on the planet now say they couldn’t live without their smartphone (54%). One in five consumers (20%) now make digital (online, app, SMS) payments with mobile devices at least weekly, rising to two in five (43%) on a monthly basis, with emerging market consumers far more likely to pay this way compared to Western European consumers, as banking by mobile takes off and young populations are leap-frogging established markets in adoption.

Digital wallet providers (Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay etc.) have won the first battle – consumer awareness. Now 52% overall say they know which types of mobile payment services are available today. They just need to educate more on acceptance – only 40% know which shops and retailers will accept contactless payments via a smartphone.

Suraya Randawa 
Head of Financial Services, Ipsos Loyalty

The Future of Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people manage their health. It has challenged our medical systems and driven demand for new solutions. However, our data suggests these changes are not new but rather an acceleration of existing trends.